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WHAT'S UP AT RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FOR NEXT SESSION?... CLICK HERE! Learn lots more about Temple Micah's religious school and adult Hebrew classes too from Bethany Friedlander, educator, 303-388-4239 x4. 

WHAT'S THAT ABOUT MISHPACHA!... Curious about Temple Micah's alternative education route for families? LEARN ABOUT MISHPACHA!

ORDER & INSCRIBE HIGH HOLY DAYS PRAYER BOOKS... Donate new prayer books with personalized inscriptions for Temple Micah High Holy Days Services! Thanks to the 2015 B'nai Mitzvah Class for promoting this project and to all who already have donated toward the prayer books. Cost now is $36 per book. To contribute toward books in honor, memory or appreciation of someone, click this prayer book link.

SHOP WITH A SMILE... Go to smile.amazon.com and pick "Congregation Micah in Denver." Then 0.5% (half of one percent) of your Amazon purchases will go to the temple. Choosing the temple to benefit won't change prices of items you buy. So, go ahead: Splurge!

REMEMBER THESE CARDS?... Make sure King Soopers reloadable cards bought from Temple Micah are always with you to use for groceries or gas. Temple Micah receives 5% of your purchases on these cards. Click the link above to buy your cards from the temple at $10 each. Or request yours through the Dues & Contributions tab at top of this homepage, click Make a Donation, then Other Amount to specify your dollars and type "for King Soopers cards." Call 303-388-4239 x2, if you have questions.

SEE WHAT'S COOKING... Tried-and-true "Temple Micah Family Recipes," can be bought here at 5209 Montview Blvd., Denver, for $36 -- or pick up yours if you've pre-paid. You also still may request and pay online for however many of these cookbooks you wish! Click Dues and Contributions tab (at top), then Make a Donation; enter credit card info, choose Other Amount and type your Total, noting for cookbook. Each sale nurtures Temple Micah! 


Welcome to Temple Micah!

We are a mid-sized Reform congregation located in Park Hill, the heart of northeast Denver. A progressive synagogue that blends contemporary thought and creativity with tradition, Temple Micah is a community whose minds, hearts and doors are open to anyone who seeks a Jewish manner of connecting to and understanding our world. Our doors stand proudly open to all...whether you have a traditional or not so traditional background; whether you choose to partner with someone of your own or of the opposite gender; whether you are a family of many or of one; whether you are a family where all are Jews or only some.

The diverse environment of Temple Micah invites those seeking a spiritual home to channel the Divine and also those searching for enlightenment about contemporary and ancient Jewish thought. Others may seek a safe and loving environment to nurture children who are just beginning an exciting spiritual journey. And some wish to increase their knowledge about the world at our intriguing classes and discussions where the sky is the limit.

Whatever your beliefs, Rabbi Morris and other congregants will embrace your sensibilities, and also challenge them with sermons and discussions that open the mind and the heart to countless possibilities. We warmly invite you to join our congregation for a Shabbat service, a Torah study session, or another event here at Temple Micah; to discover our fulfilling and distinctively holistic approach to Judaism.

So come. Wrap yourself in the tallit of Jewish heritage. Familiarize yourself with our community and with our uniqueness, as you experience the traditional, yet dynamic style of Temple Micah.

Temple Micah is a Reform Jewish congregation. For more information on Reform Judaism, check out the Union for Reform Judaism's website, www.urj.org.