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Rabbi Morris

Bruch-ah Ha-ba-ah - Welcome to my corner of the Temple Micah website!
My rabbinate has taken me - both figuratively and literally - around the world. Literally speaking, I have lived in Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta and Adelaide South Australia. Figuratively speaking, I have served in large congregations (1000 families), small ones (100 families), and even outside the congregational setting in a Jewish Day School. My diverse set of working and living experiences contribute to the depth of my appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to live in Colorado and to serve the Temple Micah community.

In my career I have found a few elements that I deeply value and cherish: participating in meaningful moments in the lives of my community; welcoming and cultivating the energy and spirit of our youth; engaging the vast, rich and varied wellspring of Jewish wisdom including its tradition of critical thought; expressing in a contemporary fashion the sense of wonder, awe and openheartedness that is at the heart of Judaism. These elements serve as the foundation for my rabbinate and the kind of community that I strive to cultivate at Temple Micah. I believe that those who participate in the life of our community will find a heavy dose of these essential elements.

If you would like to know more about Temple Micah or me there are a few things you can do:
- Drop me an email.
- Give me a call at (303) 388-4239 so that we can make some time to visit.
- Check out what I believe and peruse some of my sermons, including the one that explains why I proudly officiate at interfaith weddings.
- Explore some of my activities that reach beyond the Temple Micah community such as "Ask the Rabbi" or my blog.
- Join me for some learning and discussion...at monthly programs like Rabbi Mo's Roundtable, The Shabbat Tisch or the Sunday Shiur .


Rabbi Adam M. Morris (a.k.a. Rabbi Mo)